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Lack of vitamin D is linked to diabetic neuropathy

- a disabling and potentially life-threatening complication

Lack of vitamin D is linked to diabetic neuropathyType 2 diabetes is currently treated with a number of different medical drugs. However, the medicine is not able to deal with the underlying causes of the disease that affects most organ systems. A Chinese study has demonstrated that vitamin D deficiency is linked to diabetic neuropathy, which is an insidious condition and is associated with inflammation, pain, amputation, circulatory failure, and early death.
It is important to get plenty of vitamin D at all times in order to prevent and treat the early phases of diabetic neuropathy.

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The link between statins, atherosclerosis, and lack of vitamin K

The link between statins, atherosclerosis, and lack of vitamin KCholesterol-lowering statins are among some of the most widely sold medical drugs. However, there is growing disagreement about their preventive effect on atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, which are linked to many other factors than cholesterol levels alone. It turns out that statins also block the body’s production of vitamin K2, a nutrient that contributes to removing calcium from the bloodstream. A new study that is published in Medical Sciences concludes that atherosclerosis is more prevalent among statin users than among non-users, regardless of any cardiovascular diseases that have already been diagnosed. In other words, statins actually increase your risk of clogged-up arteries and that contradicts the traditional view. The new study supports earlier research, and it has been known for years that statins also block the endogenous synthesis of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin D, both of which are important for the heart and circulatory system.

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Vitamin D deficiency is widespread among newborn babies

- especially babies of color

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread among newborn babiesVitamin D is vital for normal development of the baby’s bones, cognitive skills, IQ, immune defense, and a number of other things. According to a new British study, however, a third of white infants lack vitamin D. The problem is even more pronounced in dark-skinned babies. Here, around half of them lack vitamin D. More focus is needed on pregnant women from exposed groups to help ensure that they get adequate amounts of the nutrient.

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Selenium’s potential as a mercury antagonist and the problem with mercury in fish

Selenium’s potential as a mercury antagonist and the problem with mercury in fishSelenium supports a number of different selenium-dependent proteins that are important for our energy turnover, metabolism, immune defense, fertility, and antioxidant protection. Selenium also has a special affinity for mercury and is therefore able to bind to this heavy metal and counteract its harmful impact on the brain, the nervous system, and other tissues. Once selenium is bound to mercury, however, the different selenoproteins are no longer able to use it. We are all exposed to a certain amount of mercury and that may result in a borderline deficiency of selenium. The problem is that other factors weigh in such as selenium-depleted crops because of the lack of selenium in the European farmland. What is important to realize is that mercury toxicity is insidious and certain fish such as predatory fish and whales in the upper part of the food chain contain large concentrations of mercury. However, therapeutic doses of selenium can prevent the toxic effect of the heavy metal, according to a new review article published in Scientific Research.

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Blood sugar, diabetes, and supplements

Blood sugar, diabetes, and supplementsType 2 diabetes is spreading like a bushfire. An alarmingly many people have metabolic syndrome – or pre-diabetes – which is characterized by insulin resistance, hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels and abdominal obesity (apple-shaped body). Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome are associated with enormous human and socio-economic costs. In this article, we will look closer at chromium, vitamin D, magnesium, and coenzyme Q10 plus relevant diet changes to see how they can positively affect blood sugar levels, cholesterol balance, and weight control. We will also take a closer look at supplements that are able to prevent diabetic neuropathy, a disorder that can lead to amputations.

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COVID-19: Higher blood levels of omega-3 lower the patients’ risk of dying

COVID-19: Higher blood levels of omega-3 lower the patients’ risk of dyingAccording to a pilot study from Los Angeles, patients with higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood are 75 percent less likely to die from a COVID-19 infection. The scientists behind the study assume it is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of the omega-3 fatty acids and their ability to regulate the immune defense, which is often completely derailed in serious cases of COVID-19. The scientists also mention other nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties.

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Vitamin D supplements: Fewer cancers and possibly a longer life expectancy

- plus large cuts in public healthcare

Vitamin D supplements: Fewer cancers and possibly a longer life expectancyLack of vitamin D is rather common. It increases the risk of infections and a host of serious diseases. German cancer researchers have estimated that if all Germans from 50 years and older took a daily vitamin D supplement it would prevent 30,000 cancer-related deaths annually and gain over 300,000 years of life. In addition to that, it would lead to huge reductions in public healthcare. The health-related and financial benefits of optimizing the population’s vitamin D status fits in nicely with previous research and calculations from Denmark.

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Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him:

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him 
"After about one week of taking the Q10 supplement I could feel a huge difference," says 23-year old Alan Piccini, who has been suffering from extreme fatigue and muscle aches ever since he was a child.

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Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:

Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:





“Taking capsules with co-enzyme Q10 has freed me of the severe side effects of my cholesterol lowering medicine,” Mrs Franken explains.

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