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Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of overweight and harmful inflammation

vitdoverweightchildVitamin D deficiency increases the risk of overweight and harmful inflammationAccording to WHO, the number of overweight children has reached epidemic proportions. Overweight children risk being overweight as adults and develop hypertension, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, and other metabolic disturbances. Apparently, overweight individuals often lack vitamin D, a nutrient that is important for regulating weight, inflammation, and many metabolic processes. This was pointed out in an Italian study published in Nutrients, where the authors address vitamin D’s role in health and explain why so many overweight people are vitamin D-deficient.

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Overview of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids


Overview of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids

Vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and Q10 are nutrients that we need in certain quantities in order to support vital body functions.
Nutritional supplements containing vitamins and minerals must be labeled in accordance with the reference values.

This overview serves as general information about the different vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids and how they work.

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the Vitamin and Mineral Guide

Fat and active beats slim and inactive

Moaning and sweating - that is what it takes if you want to live a long life. If you want to grow old you should use your energy on exercising instead of worrying about weighing a few pounds too much.

A recent American study shows that the key to old age is physical activity. The research results are based on a study where scientists followed 2,600 Americans over a period of 60 years. Their conclusion is unambiguous:

Lack of sunshine nutrient may shorten your life

Lack of sunshine nutrient may shorten your lifeIt is both healthy and life-extending to get plenty of summer sun, which is our main source of vitamin D. Just make sure not to get a sunburn. According to a large population study from University of South Australia, too little vitamin D in the blood is linked to early death, especially because of an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases. This is very relevant because, apart from the lack of sunshine during winter, things like sun awareness campaigns, indoor living, being overweight, and having dark skin can contribute to the widespread lack of vitamin D. The official recommendations for vitamin D intake are also comparatively conservative. Therefore, people should strive to optimize their levels of the nutrient, as vitamin D is involved in regulating countless gene activities and other functions in the body.

Q10 and selenium may help extend our lifespan

Q10 and selenium may help extend our lifespanA previous study has demonstrated that daily supplementation with coenzyme Q10 and selenium increases heart muscle strength in seniors and reduces their cardiovascular mortality by over 50 percent. Now, a team of Swedish and Norwegian scientists has found that these two nutrients are also able to slow down the age-related shortening of cellular telomeres, which are attached to the ends of all DNA strands. You can compare telomeres to the small aglets that prevent our shoelaces from fraying and tangling. Like aglets, telomeres protect the DNA strands, but they are exposed to attrition and eventually wear out. The more worn our telomeres become, the more exposed the cellular DNA becomes, until it reaches the point where the cell finally perishes. Q10 and selenium appear to preserve telomere length, thereby keeping us in good health for longer time.

Q10’s potential in counteracting ageing, chronic disease, and drug side effects

Q10’s potential in counteracting ageing, chronic disease, and drug side effectsQ10 is a unique and wonderful coenzyme with a key function in energy turnover and a role as a powerful antioxidant. The body produces the lion’s share Q10 for its own needs but the endogenous synthesis of the compound decreases with age. Moreover, cholesterol-lowering statins and bisphosphonates used to treat osteoporosis disrupt the body’s Q10 synthesis. Over the past decades, numerous studies have shown that Q10 supplementation can slow down the ageing process. Q10 is also useful in connection with heart failure and several other chronic ailments that typically occur in old age. This is described in a review article that is published in Mechanisms of Ageing and Development. With Q10 supplements, it’s important to choose pharmaceutical-grade products with documented quality and bioavailability.

Zinc deficiencies speed up ageing, inflammation, and DNA damage

Zinc deficiencies speed up ageing, inflammation, and DNA damageOur ability to absorb zinc is reduced with age, and many older people lack zinc, even though there is plenty of zinc in the diet they eat. The trace element is involved in over 1,000 enzyme processes and is also an important antioxidant that protects our cells. Even minor zinc deficiencies can speed up ageing processes and contribute to skin and hair problems, infections such as bladder infections, chronic inflammation, elevated blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases. People with unhealthy diets, vegetarians, vegans, and older people are at particularly vulnerable. Certain types of medicine that many seniors take can also increase the risk of a zinc deficiency.

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him:

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him "After about one week of taking the Q10 supplement I could feel a huge difference," says 23-year old Alan Piccini, who has been suffering from extreme fatigue and muscle aches ever since he was a child.

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Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:

Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:“Taking capsules with co-enzyme Q10 has freed me of the severe side effects of my cholesterol lowering medicine,” Mrs Franken explains.
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