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Oily fish and fish oil supplements benefit the health of your lungs

Oily fish and fish oil supplements benefit the health of your lungsMost chronic pulmonary diseases – including asthma, bronchitis, and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) – are characterized by chronic inflammation that makes both the symptoms and the prognosis worse. Fish and fish oil supplements contain specific omega-3 fatty acids that appear to have an anti-inflammatory effect and may therefore be useful as both prevention and therapy for chronic pulmonary diseases. This was demonstrated in a large American population study that also included Europeans. What the researchers also mention is that people who fail to meet the official guidelines for fish consumption are often at increased risk of developing chronic lung diseases.

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Overview of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids


Overview of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids

Vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and Q10 are nutrients that we need in certain quantities in order to support vital body functions.
Nutritional supplements containing vitamins and minerals must be labeled in accordance with the reference values.

This overview serves as general information about the different vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids and how they work.

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the Vitamin and Mineral Guide

"Energy vitamin" may combat fatigue in multiple sclerosis

Sufferers of multiple sclerosis (MS) who struggle with fatigue symptoms may be helped with a supplement of the vitamin-like compound coenzyme Q10.

"Energy vitamin" may combat fatigue in multiple sclerosisFatigue is one of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) with around 80% of MS sufferers being affected by it, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It gets worse as the day progresses and the only known medications (amantadine hydrochloride and modafinil) have very limited effect.

Lack of zinc increases your risk of heart failure

Lack of zinc increases your risk of heart failureChronic heart failure is a potentially life-threatening condition that affects millions of people worldwide. A group of scientists recently looked at the relation between chronic heart failure and zincdeficiency and how zinc supplementation can improve heart health by various accounts. The scientists also investigated why zinc deficiencies are so common. Their study is published in the Journal of Cardiac Failure.

Magnesium can prevent heart failure

Magnesium can prevent heart failureHeart failure is when the heart loses power and is no longer able to deliver blood to the different parts of the body. Typical symptoms are shortness of breath and physical exhaustion. There may also be symptoms like fluid retention, persistent coughing, chest tightness, increased sweating, or cold sensitivity. Chronic heart failure may be caused by different things, and it is a life-threatening condition. However, according to a study that is published in Journal of Clinical Investigation, magnesium supplementation can improve a type of heart failure called diastolic dysfunction. Previous studies have demonstrated that supplements of Q10 can also improve cardiac function in patients with heart failure.

New life-saving heart treatment

New life-saving heart treatment The Danish cardiologist and researcher, Chief Physician Svend Aage Mortensen,from the Copenhagen Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet, is very optimistic about a new type of therapy for chronic heart failure where a natural compound is used to increase energy levels in the heart muscle.

“In my opinion, to include this new type of therapy is a paradigm shift in the treatment of chronic heart failure,” says the Danish cardiologist, Chief Physician Svend Aage Mortensen from The Heart Center of Copenhagen University Hospital. He has worked with this specific form of treatment ever since the first clinical studies were conducted in Copenhagen in 1983.

Power up your heart with this new discovery

An energetic heart is the key to physical and mental well-being. Now you can take a capsule with a natural compound that restores the power in your body by giving your heart new strength.

Q10 and cholesterol make an essential team

- but ageing processes and cholesterol-lowering drugs inhibit the body’s Q10 synthesis

Q10 and cholesterol make an essential teamNo matter how you twist and turn it, cholesterol is an essential substance, and we humans produce most of it ourselves. What is important is to make sure that the cholesterol we have in our blood does not oxidize, and that is something which Q10 and other antioxidants take care of. Stable blood sugar levels also help us maintain a healthy cholesterol balance.

Selenium and Q10 helps heart failure patients

Selenium and Q10 helps heart failure patients

A combination of the trace element selenium and the vitamin-like compound coenzyme Q10 appears to be a highly useful treatment for people with impaired cardiac function.

Heart failure is a major problem for the middle-aged and elderly but emerging science has shown a huge potential for selenium and coenzyme Q10 as a natural treatment that can help patients to increased heart muscle performance and improved quality of life.
Most recently, Iranian scientists from the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences demonstrated1 that selenium and coenzyme Q10 given to patients with heart failure significantly increased the contractile strength of the heart muscle and resulted in a number of improvements in the general condition of the patients, thereby enabling them to cope more easily with their condition.

Stronger heart - longer life?

Stronger heart - longer life?
Could the use of two nutritional supplements help you achieve this? According to Scandinavian research the answer could be yes. Most of us have a desire to live as long as possible but the truth is that, as we grow older, our risk of falling victim to cardiovascular disease increases. The good news is that two new Scandinavian studies have come up with some really exciting results showing that it is possible to live longer and make the heart stronger without medicine or surgery.

50% fewer deaths

With help from two nutritional supplements, the researchers have managed to reduce cardiovascular deaths by over 50% at the same time as boosting heart health. With this research, modern cardiology has taken a large step forward towards betterprevention of heart ailments.

Vitamin K2 counteracts atherosclerosis and benefits the heart

Vitamin K2 counteracts atherosclerosis and benefits the heartLack of vitamin K2 increases your risk of stiff arteries and atherosclerosis, which is the leading cause of death worldwide. This was observed in two new studies, one that is published in the American Journal of Hypertension, the other in the journal Nephron. A third study that is published in Clinical Nutrition reveals that daily supplementation with vitamin K2 lowers the risk of early death caused by cardiovascular disease. Our diet used to provide substantially more vitamin K2 from fermented foods than now, and this type of food deserves a comeback. It is also important to know the difference between vitamin K1 and vitamin K2.

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him:

Chronic fatigue tied Alan to his bed but Q10 capsules saved him 
"After about one week of taking the Q10 supplement I could feel a huge difference," says 23-year old Alan Piccini, who has been suffering from extreme fatigue and muscle aches ever since he was a child.

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Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:

Cholesterol-lowering without side effects:“Taking capsules with co-enzyme Q10 has freed me of the severe side effects of my cholesterol lowering medicine,” Mrs Franken explains.

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