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Power up your heart with this new discovery

An energetic heart is the key to physical and mental well-being. Now you can take a capsule with a natural compound that restores the power in your body by giving your heart new strength.

Forget about black coffee and ginseng. Now, science has discovered a much better way to restore your energy levels and revitalize you. A natural compound that is available in small gelatin capsules can literally power up your heart muscle and make it pump with the same force as when you were much younger. Within weeks, you will feel how your entire body benefits from a stronger heart. You will have more endurance and increased physical and mental well-being in a way that you have not felt earlier.

What is the secret?

The key is a vitamin-like compound called coenzyme Q10, which is something we humans produce ourselves (we also get a small amount from the food we eat). As we grow older, our ability to produce our own coenzyme Q10 tapers off and the one of the first body functions to be affected by this is the heart muscle. It can no longer contract with the same force and that is part of the explanation to why our energy levels drop.

The key to energy

Coenzyme Q10 is a compound which all cells need in order to make energy. Without it we would not be able to survive. Even a marginal reduction in our Q10 levels would affect us and that is what we can do something about by taking a supplement.

Used for chronic heart failure

Two recent studies have clearly demonstrated the effect of taking Q10 daily. In A Danish study of over 400 patients with chronic heart failure, those who were given Q10 capsules had significantly improved heart function and only half as many cardiovascular complications as those who were given identical “dummy pills”. In addition, the survival rate among those taking Q10 was twice as high.

Excellent for older people

Another study that was conducted on 443 healthy but old (70-88 years of age) men and women showed that those who got daily supplements of Q10 (and selenium, an essential trace element) had 54% fewer cardiovascular deaths and significantly improved heart function.

In both studies, the scientists assessed the heart function by measuring how much NT-proBNP the heart muscle produced. This is a “stress hormone” that is released when the heart works under strain.The higher the levels, the weaker the heart. People taking Q10 had reduced levels of the hormone, indicating that their hearts worked better with far less effort.

Facts about Q10

The Q10 content we get from food (good sources are beef, pork, soy, and sardines) is not absorbed all that easily. The same is the case with most Q10 supplements. The Q10 supplement used in the two above mentioned studies, however, is a special formula that is developed specifically to enhance the absorption of the active compound and ensure that it enters the blood and is distributed  to all the different body tissues.

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