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Now I can control my sugar craving

"I no longer have the Now I can control my sugar cravingurge to eat sweets and to snack in between meals," says Ana Ferreira, who has been helped tremendously by her daily chromium supplement that was recommended by her friend, who is a doctor.

It feels kind of as if someone has pressed a button that has turned off Ana Ferreira's desire for sweets. She just doesn't have the urge to eat sugary foods any more.
"Before, I would eat a lot of cake and candy but now I only eat dark chocolate and I am down to one cup of coffee a day, which is nothing compared with earlier," Ana tells.

Lost weight and feels great

It was good advice from her friend who is a doctor. "She told me about chromium and said that I should try taking a supplement," Ana explains. That really made a difference, she says. "I have lost weight. Not much, but I have lost about two kilos, and I no longer feel dizzy like I used to do."
Dizziness is one of the problems which people with unstable blood sugar often experience, and it was most likely poorly controlled blood sugar levels that caused Ana's sugar craving, in the first place.

"I no longer have a craving for sugar, and because I don't eat candy and cakes it is so much easier for me to maintain my weight," says Ana Ferreira, who has even lost two kilos since she started using chromium.

Chromium yeast works great

Although Ana has never had her blood sugar measured, the whole pattern indicates that she had problems with her blood sugar. When your blood sugar suddenly plummets, you tend to feel dizzy, tired, irrritable, and you have a strong craving for sweets. Research shows that supplementing with organic chromium yeast helps the body maintain stable blood sugar levels, because chromium supports insulin in ensuring that the sugar from the bloodstream can enter the brain and muscle cells to be converted into energy.

Will continue taking it

Ana Ferreira has been taking chromium tablets for about three and half years now, she tells, but she could register an effect after the first week of taking the supplement.
"With the results I have seen, I am not about to discontinue my use of this product. It reduces my appetite, makes me feel great, and it has even made it a lot easier for me to maintain my weight," Ana Ferreira says.

Stable blood sugar is the key to weight loss

Many people who try desperately to lose weight, yet never succeed, have absolutely no idea that what really gets in the way of their weight loss is unstable blood sugar. When your brain and muscle cells do not get the sugar they need to produce energy, it makes you feel tired, irritable, and hungry. Eating something sweet often gives you a quick fix but the effect wears off, and you soon develop af craving for more.
Chromium is essential for a number of reasons, one of them being that it helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. If you lack chromium, the transport of sugar into your cells does not work optimally, and that is what causes the problem.
A chromium supplement is a safe, natural, and documented way of quenching your appetite for sugar so you can lose weight and maintain your weight loss in the long. Make sure to chose organic chromium yeast. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has officially acknowledged that it has up to ten times better absorption than other chromium forms such as chromium picolinate or chromium chloride.