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Summary and 25 healthy weight loss tips

Summary and 25 healthy weight loss tips1 Avoid intensive dieting and choose a healthy and non-fanatic lifestyle that you can comply with in the long run

2 Read your food labels and choose healthy raw materials

3 Don’t shop for groceries when you are hungry

4 Avoid having unhealthy food in the house. That way, you won’t feel tempted

5 Make sure to eat main meals that stabilize your blood sugar levels

6 Remember to include a sufficient amount of protein with all your main meals

7 Don’t be afraid of fat – but choose the healthy sources

8 Eat many vegetables – preferably the ones you like (even frozen vegetables). You can add an oil dressing with vinegar/lime/lemon because the acid helps reduce your carbohydrate uptake

9 Eat a lot of fiber. Dietary fiber reduces the uptake of carbohydrate and fat uptake and helps your metabolism

10 Fiber from linseed is especially good for your digestion. Take 1 tbsp. whole linseeds with your food once or twice every day. Remember to drink plenty of water.

11 You can also include ½ tsp. cinnamon in your food, tea, or coffee (1-3 times daily).

12 Prepare your meals from scratch and only eat one helping.

13 Avoid chemicals and light products

14 Avoid sugar and avoid altogether or limit your intake of starch from bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice

15 Avoid liquid calories from e.g. soft drinks, juice, ice tea, milk, cafe latte, cocoa milk, and alcohol

16 Don’t eat in front of your TV and get up from the dining table when you are finished eating

17 Drink green tea with your food or afterwards. It helps stabilize your blood sugar and increases your fat turnover

18 Be physically active every day and avoid being physically inactive for hours at a time

19 Choose a type of exercise that you like

20 Pay attention to your weight and physical condition

21 Exercise your muscles to help them burn more fat

22 Avoid too much stress and make sure to have some sort of physical outlet that you can use to vent

23 Get plenty of sleep. It benefits your metabolism and helps you recharge your batteries

24 Keep track of how much you eat and exercise in the course of the week

25 Find your ideal weight and plan a diet scheme that is realistic