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Chart for revealing pitfalls – good exercise advice

Chart for revealing pitfalls – good exercise adviceYou exercise once or twice weekly and cannot understand why you are not losing weight

  • It is highly frustrating if, in your own opinion, there is no coherence between how much you weigh and how much you exercise.

Advice  Be careful not to consume fast (and fattening) carbohydrates after you exercise. Remember that it is important also to engage in many types of less physically challenging activities during the day. Get a pedometer or use
your smartphone to make sure that you walk 5,000 - 10,000 steps daily on average. Dial down your stress level.

You have a sedentary job and move to little
You prefer to watch TV, relax or sit at your computer in your free time

  • Sitting still and being physically inactive for hours at a time is dangerous for your metabolism and cardiovascular system and contributes to overweight, fatigue, and many diseases.

Advice  Walk or bicycle to your work. Park your car a few blocks away from your office or get off the train one stop early and walk. Get up every hour or so and engage in some sort of physical activity – just for a few minutes. Remember – itis the total number of weekly physical activities that counts.

You don’t have time to exercise

  • It affects your weight and health.
  • Do you have time be sick?

Advice  Time is rarely something we have – it is something we take. It is a question about prioritizing and planning.

You cannot afford a gym club membership, which is why you don’t exercise

  • It affects your weight and health.
  • Do you have time be sick?

Advice  It’s free to take a walk or go for a run. Remember, humans were never intended to go to gyms and sports clubs but to be outdoors in nature or stay at home

You are too tired to work out

  • This can easily become a vicious cycle, where you get increasingly tired and gain weight.

Advice  Get plenty of sleep. Sign up for a type of exercise that suits you so you always show up instead of staying at home. Alternatively, hook up with a good friend so you can keep each other motivated. When you exercise, you automatically have more energy for other activities.

You have chosen to postpone exercise until the children have grown up and no longer take as much of your time

  • You will gain weight and risk that your children are also physically inactive and overweight. Make sure to inspire them by setting a good example.

Advice  Take long walks with your baby/toddler in the pram/stroller. Engage in activities with the children like going to the swimming hall, going for bike rides, or going on outings to the forest or the beach. Buy a DVD or an app to inspire you to exercise at home in your living room.

How far must I walk to burn the calories in a candy bar?

If a woman who weighs 55-65 kilos consumes a candy bar (around 957 kJ/227 kcal), she has to walk for a full hour to burn the calories