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I no longer feel exhausted after a long work day

I no longer feel exhausted after a long work day“I am rarely tired anymore. I have much more energy for my job, which can be quite demanding, and I am even able to make the most of my evenings now,” says Elizabeth Power, a professional show jumper who also runs an equestrian with her parents.

Things have definitely changed for the better and Elizabeth Power is thrilled with the fact that she no longer feels tired in the evenings.

“I work seven days a week and I remember how exhausted I used to feel after a long work day. I would not be fit to do anything but now, things have really improved. I am able to make the most of my evenings, whether that means catching up with friends or putting in some extra practice for my next competition,” says Elizabeth who, besides her show jumping career, runs an equestrian with her parents.

Lacked energy

Elizabeth went through a long period where she felt under the weather without knowing what caused her fatigue and lack of energy. She couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with her but she definitely did not feel like herself.

“I went to the doctor who tookvarious blood tests. He discovered that my metabolism was not working properly,” Elizabeth explains.

Takes Q10

In the meantime, she has found a good way of maintaining her energy at a level that makes it possible to get through the day without feeling completely knackered.

“I take a product called Bio-Quionone Q10. In fact, my doctor was the one who told me about these capsules,” says Elizabeth. Bio-Quinone Q10 contains coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C, a nutrient that helps the body by supporting normal energy-yielding metabolism in the cells. Within a month, Elizabeth could feel the difference.

Very busy

She really needs the energy because of all the work involved in keeping the horses clean and in good shape. “We have 25 stables and some days I may have to take 10 or 12 horses out for a run. It is hard work but I really enjoy it. Interestingly, I have even noticed that I have lost weight recently,” says Elizabeth, whose parents have noticed that she seems happier and much more energetic now.

“I love what I do. I guess horse riding is in my blood. My brother won the Grand National a few years ago so we are all very proud. My main goal is to race in the Hippodromo de Gavea in Rio, which is the Brazilian equivalent of the Grand Prix,” says Elizabeth.

The formula for human energy

Most of us wish we had some more energy but have you ever wondered how energy is made? Each cell in your body contains some bean-shaped structures called mitochondria. These are the “powerhouses” where fat, carbohydrate, and protein get converted into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is energy stored in its chemical form. This is the process known as metabolism.