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Become 10-20 years younger by exercising

A study conducted by the American Heart Association confirms the relation between improved physical condition and feeling younger.

800 people in the ages 21-87 years were followed and tested for a period of eight years to see the relation between their age and physical condition. Once a month, the participants tested their fitness and general physical condition on a treadmill. Not surprisingly, the results showed that a person's basic physical condition decreases with increasing age.

Right from our early 20s, our condition is reduced by 3-6% unless we remain active and exercise regularly. Once we pass the age of 70, our condition is impaired by more than 20% every year.

The good news is that we can compensate for this impairment by exercising. The study actually showed that improving your condition by 15-25% translates into being 10-20 years younger. So there really are several good reasons why you should exercise to "grow younger".