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Do you want to live longer?

Solutions are often surprisingly simple.

If you want to lower your risk of traffic accidents, don't run red lights. Fasten your seatbelt. Avoid tailgating. Stick to the speed limits. Don't use your mobile phone while you drive, unless you have a hands-free setup. By adhering to these extremely rational rules that are really just a product of common sense you can drastically improve your chances of returning home in one piece from a car journey on a country road, the freeway or through the city.

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Exercise as an anti-aging pill

We love to read about pills, treatments, injections and other ways of slamming the brakes on the aging process. Nonetheless, regular exercise may just turn out to be the most effective anti-aging remedy of all.

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Stay calm and live longer

People who are physically active, calm and judicious, and who are able to manage their daily lives, liver longer than those who have a less positive attitude troubled by nervousness, anger or fear. This was concluded by researchers on behalf of a 50-year long observation of American men and women. If you strive after emotional stability and a conscientious and active lifestyle it may help lower your risk of disease, while making you more satisfied with life and - very importantly - increasing your lifespan substantially.

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