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Nutrients can improve your skin, hair, and nails

More and moreNutrients can improve your skin, hair, and nails women take key nutrients that work from the inside to support smooth skin, strong nails, and healthy hair.

You probably spend a fortune already on expensive face creams and the like but did you know that a supplement combining two specific micronutrients is one of the best things you can take for your skin, hair, and nails? More and more women include selenium and zinc as part of their daily routine for beauty and appearance and find that it works surprisingly well.

Visible results within weeks

Both selenium and zinc play an orchestral role in maintaining our looks because they are involved in maintaining smooth and elastic skin, strong and durable nails, and healthy hair. If the body lacks selenium and zinc, the deficiency is likely to show on the quality of our skin, hair, and nails. On the other hand, increasing our intake of these two particular compounds often results in visible changes that occur within weeks.

Important selenoproteins

Researchers have identified somewhere between 20-25 different proteins (selenoproteins) in the human body that depend on the presence of selenium. Some of these proteins are believed to be crucial for hair and nails . In order for these proteins to be able to function properly they require sufficient amounts of selenium.
Similarly, zinc is involved in biochemical processes that are important for skin maintenance.

Nutrition is the key to better looks

If you eat an unhealthy diet it is likely to show on your appearance. What is more interesting is that if you consume a somewhat normal diet and slightly increase your intake of key nutrients like selenium and zinc, you can trigger some of the important processes that support your skin, hair, and nails and see a difference that you could never obtain by means of creams, lotions, and conventional beauty care products.

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